A Review of Some of the Best Vegan Products at Target

vegan products at target

This article is about my experience buying and trying vegan products at Target. For the benefit of other shoppers, I am not a plant eater. My family is completely meat eaters. I love cheese, chocolate and fried foods. I knew that going into this store that some items I love would be on the prohibited list. There are many good selections at Target for meat eaters like me.

Going to Target to buy vegan products was exciting but a little bit overwhelming since there are so many tasty treats to choose from. I did a bit of research online to familiarize myself with different vegan brands and flavors. I looked at the fruit and juice section which usually has several vegan selections. I chose a handful of vegan selections and tried them one at a time to see if they had a great taste. I documented my experience in a written journal to compare the vegan products with my usual diet.

Smoothie Recipe For Summer

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The first vegan product I purchased was a delicious smoothie recipe for summer. I decided to try this one after reading that it had high quality ingredients and a delicious flavor. The smoothie has beet juice, banana and maple syrup as the main ingredients. It was delicious! I couldn’t believe how much syrup I added. I loved the taste test!

The second vegan dessert I tried at Target was a wheat oatmeal chocolate cake with dates and a hint of vanilla. I have made vegan cakes before but never had any experience with dates, a high allergen for wheat. I found the flavor was smooth without being too sweet. The top 8 allergens for wheat include: barley, millet, rye, oats, and corn.

Another Tasty Dessert

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The third dessert I tried was a chocolate caramel applesauce ice-cream cake with organic apple preserve. Again, the quality of ingredients was very good. I was expecting the taste to be a bit flat, but found the caramel notes the ice cream made me love it.

The fourth item on the vegan dessert list was cashews, which are high in magnesium, fatty acids, and potassium. I usually don’t add cashews to my desserts, since they tend to make my tongue taste funny. But this one was too good. The ingredients included vanilla, coconut oil, dates, molasses, cinnamon, and vinegar.

Vegan Frozen Dessert

Finally, I had to find a vegan frozen dessert to top off my wheat and banana recipe. I’m not a big coconut fan, but bananas are my favorite fruit. So I decided to try and find a vegan frozen dessert that contained coconut oil and dates. That’s when I found vegan coconut cream, which I absolutely love!

It is so hard to find vegan products at Target that have my favorite ingredients. It used to be that I would have to drive several miles to find any vegan dessert, and many of my favorite desserts were either non-dairy or made with eggs, so they didn’t make the cut. I’m happy to find vegan products at Target that have my favorite flavor and ingredients. I think that Target is listening to me, and they should make more vegan and gluten-free choices of desserts!

Vegan Recipe

I finally found my favorite vegan dessert at Target, and it is so much healthier than any other vegan recipe I’ve tried. My favorite day, non-dairy caramel fudge at Target has coconut milk, almonds, pecans, vanilla extract, and coconut oil. It is definitely better than any other frozen dessert I’ve tried, and it tastes even better than my non-vegan friend’s recipe. I also think that Target listened to me, because they now have a vegan frozen dessert line, including some really good vegan chocolate chip bars.

The most delicious vegan frozen dessert I’ve had at Target is their strawberry banana pudding with maple essence. It has no dairy products in it and only has non-fat palm oil as the main ingredient.

The texture of the pudding is smooth and creamy, and it has a nice tangy taste from the maple essence. Another great vegan dessert that I’ve had at Target is their chocolate chip oatmeal chocolate cake with toasted almond chips and coconut flakes. It has lots of flavor, and a delicious taste, thanks again to the coconut oil and vanilla extract.

Final Verdict

For some other great vegan desserts I’ve tried at Target, I recommend you check out their other healthy snack bars, such as their trail mix and bagels, which come in several flavors. Their chocolate chip oatmeal is excellent, as well as their trail mix with toasted sesame seeds. Both of these are made completely with all natural ingredients. They use organic wheat flour, organic nuts, and no sugar in the ingredients, and they are very inexpensive. These tasty vegan snacks at Target make a great addition to any diet, since they are both delicious and nutritious.

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