Can I Buy Vegan Products At Publix? My Personal Experience At Publix Vegan Store

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For Public, Publix is a relatively new market entrant. They have constantly migrated north as a national chain. I remember going with my mother every time we went to see my grandparents in Florida when I was a kid. The establishments were always pleasant, clean, bright, and inviting to buy vegan products at Publix

Publix Took Over Ukrop

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When Martin decided to close the businesses that had been taken over by RVA’s beloved Ukrop’s, Publix stepped in to fill the void. The shops have been completely renovated and are fantastic. Furthermore, your shop associates are extremely pleasant! You’ll go astray in order to locate a specific item.

Let’s start with what vegan products at Publix are offered. In addition to vegan staples/junk food in the middle islands, Publix sells complete foods like boasts and grains: 

Generally of high quality and well-stocked. Often, you will have to pay a premium for their products, but you know it will be worth it. 


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Veggie rolls are typically held by their in-house sushi chefs in this case. 

Hummus. They have a half-case of various brands of this vegan staple, including the new dessert Sabra.

Tofu And Vegan Cheese

You have a section in your production department dedicated to this. They actually ran out of tofu at the start of the pandemic! They sell cheeses such as Vivo Life, Daiya, Chao, and Follow Your Heart. Greenway has their own organic tofu brand, as well as Hodo, which I discovered at The Fresh Market. 


They have a variety of brands and flavours that are not available in other stores. 

Vegan fleece substitutes are available at Publix under the brands Beyond Meat, Lightlife, Impossible, and Pure Marks. They’re in the open cases in the freezer section.

What Are You Unable To Obtain At Publix?

Vegan baked goods from the bakery They only sell a brand of healthy vegan cookies that are similar to oatmeal cookies. Your store does not bake vegan-friendly cakes, cookies, or other treatments. 

While their stores are attractive, I believe they are on the pricey side. Avocados, for example, are usually less than $1 at Walmart or Kroger, but they can cost up to $2.50. 

I even saw one purchase that resulted in a free Beyond Burgers. I strongly recommend that you purchase your brand from Greenway. This brand’s tofu, canned beans and vegetables, and frozen vegetables were all excellent. 


If I need to go to the store, I’ll come back here. This is the nearest supermarket to my house. This allows me to stock up on vegan items like Kite Hill products and their non-dairy ice cream brand, which I can’t find in my regular stores. Overall, it’s a pleasant shopping experience that isn’t any more expensive than Whole Foods, albeit a little less vegan-friendly.

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