Delicious Vegan Mushroom Recipes

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You would be lying if you said that you don’t like those creamy mushroom recipes. The Internet is flooded with hundreds of recipes with mushrooms but the problem is most of them are vegan but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy delicious mushrooms if you are a vegan. There are vegan recipes also available which are as tasty as nonvegan and some even more delicious than other ones. This article lists the tastiest vegan mushroom recipes out there:

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

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This recipe is healthy, tasty, and quick to make. For this you will need to first cook some pasta as per your needs, this will be served with the creamy sauce, you can also cook rice or potato whichever you prefer more. Next, you need to sauté mushrooms with onions and garlic, in mushrooms you can use cremini, shiitake, or whichever combination you like. Next add a mixture of cornstarch, broth, and tomato sauce. Finally, add a non-dairy cream to your dish which will give a fine taste to it. Service this sauce with pasta you made.

Vegan Mushroom pancakes

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This recipe is ideal for brunch. To make mushroom pancakes you need to begin by making a smooth batter of soya milk and flour. Then take a non-stick pan and heat a little amount of batter on it till the bubbles appear and then flip the pancake occasionally till it turns golden brown and repeat the process for the desired number of pancakes .next cook some mushrooms and tomatoes in a pan and when mushrooms turn tender add some soya cream. This will be your topping and serve it with delicious pancakes.

Vegan ramen

This is an ideal recipe for lunch or dinner which is not heavy also. For this, you need to begin by taking ginger, Neri Goma, mushrooms, and garlic in a utensil and begin by boiling them in water. When ginger turns soft, separate the broth using a strainer. Next, take oil in a pan and cook tofu after tossing it in cornflour and some noodles too. Add bok choy, onions in broth, and reheat. Take noodles you cooked, add broth and tofu to it, then furnish it with desired toppings like carrot, onions, and sesame oil.

Mushroom and potato curry

You can make this recipe in under 3o mins. You need to begin by cooking potatoes and onions in a pan until the potato turns soft, then add mushrooms to it and cook for some time. You can also add aubergine if you like. Next, you need to add curry paste, vegetable stock and coconut milk. furnish it with coriander and serve with rice. You can also serve with naan or bread if you desire.


If you have time and want to try a different dish then go for one of these mentioned you will not be disappointed. These recipes are easy to make and the ingredients used are easily available. Also, they don’t consume much time, all of them can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. So, try these delicious, creamy mouth-watering mushroom recipes and give yourself taste buds a treat.

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