Here Are Some Soups Vegan Recipes You Should Try At Home

Soups Vegan Recipes

Soups are easy to make and having vegan soup means using a lot of vegetables which is always good for health and can be consumed anywhere if carried in a thermos. Soup is always a good choice as a healthy and filling meal. It can help the person lower the amount of food consumed and are also very easy to cook. Soup vegan recipes are best for all seasons and having consumed a bowl of soup never makes the person feel lazy.

Soup Vegan Recipes

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The ingredients for each soup vegan recipes are different and not only are they all different, they all are healthy and nourishing as well. The soups mentioned below are inspired by diverse cuisines and are a great addition to the winter menu when the stomach craves something warm and tasty soup.

Following are some of the tasty soup vegan recipes to try before a nice meal: –

Black bean soup: – this easy-to-make soup is very healthy and since it is full of beans the soup is high in proteins and fiber content. The soup can be added to a vegan flavor by using vegan cream and vegan cheese.

Cauliflower chowder soup: – this soup is a perfect choice for winter evenings when topped with carrots, celery, garlic, and some onions. The use of vegan yogurt enriches the taste of the soup and can make a nice warm dinner when served along with a salad or bread.

Vegetarian lentil soup: Since lentil is a high source of proteins and fiber, they cook faster than other ingredients and have a nice meaty quality. Adding the right spices, which include thyme leaves, will add flavor to the soup. Carrots and onion can always be added to the broth.

Cilantro and cabbage soup: This fat-free vegan soup is inspired by Indian soups that use plenty of fresh cilantro. This soup is low in calories and is very nutritious. The ingredients include cabbage, cilantro, onions, and hot sauce.

Benefits Of Soup Vegan Recipes

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soups are inexpensive and are very easy to prepare. Vegan soup has the added advantage of being healthy.

Soups and stews can be stored in the freezer if the person is busy or is under the weather to cook.

During the winters, it is common to drink less water; therefore, soups help stay hydrated and full.

What To Add As Flavor In Soup Vegan Recipes?

The broth can be made with carrots, onion, and celery, along with some smashed garlic cloves, leek tops, and yellow onion. The use of thyme gives the soup a spicy aroma along with some parsley leaves and stems. Spices such as black pepper, fennel seeds, and coriander seeds can be used.


Soups are the best choice as an entrée and making it vegan is better for health and adding the right spices makes the soup tastier and more delicious. The next time you are planning for something healthy and delicious and come up with soup as the answer, you should be checking out these vegan recipes.

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