Important Vegan Chicken KFC Nutrition Facts

vegan chicken kfc nutrition facts

Nowadays, people are rapidly adopting vegetarianism and a big count of people are turning vegan. It is a good sign for promoting non-violence to animals and birds. Moreover, for the sake of a balance in the ecosystem, several people are turning vegan. However, those who have switched to a vegan diet from a hardcore non-vegetarian diet, feel it difficult to replace their favorite non-vegan food items with vegan food. For such people, KFC has started serving vegan fried chicken in their outlets. What exactly is the base material of this vegan chicken, and vegan chicken KFC nutrition facts, we are explaining below.

Key Material Of KFC Vegan Chicken

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Generally, plant-based chicken or vegan chicken is made up of various vegan proteins like- soy protein (textured soy protein), pea protein, gram flour, all-purpose refined wheat flour, and oil. But, KFC has tried something different from it. KFC has used only non-GMO wheat protein and oil. Besides marination, for enhancing the flavor from inside, KFC has added their usual seasonings and spices in this vegan chicken mixture. Now, the recipe is cent percent similar to that of regular fried chicken. Same spices, seasoning, marination, battering, and breading are used for KFC vegan fried chicken.

Vegan Chicken KFC Nutrition Facts Per Serving

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KFC has not given any confirmation about the nutrition value per piece of vegan chicken, but this data is according to a serving of KFC vegan chicken nuggets. A serving of KFC vegan chicken nuggets contains 60 calories, 145 mg of sodium, 5 g of protein, 3 g of fat, and nil cholesterol. However, if we compare this to regular chicken nuggets, we get an equal quantity of protein in both of them, 30 calories, 2 g fat, 10 mg cholesterol, 155 mg of sodium in a surplus in the latter one. Thus, KFC vegan chicken nuggets are better than regular KFC chicken nuggets if you are a calorie-cautious person. 

Is It Really Good For Health?

If your motive is to look for something healthy vegan fast food option, KFC vegan chicken nuggets are okay for once a month, and we won’t recommend you to have more than this limit. First, this vegan chicken must be very low in calories in comparison to real chicken, but because of frying, you get only 30 calories less than the real chicken nuggets. To be honest, for deep frying, almost all the restaurants, and multinational food chains use low-quality oils that spoil the nutritions of vegan chicken. Moreover, deep-fried foods supply lots of saturated fats in your body which is not good for your health.


Switching to vegan chicken is an excellent idea but try to use healthy fats and oils for cooking to take maximum nutrients from it. Additionally, KFC vegan chicken would be better if they would have used pea protein, soy protein along with grounded fibrous vegetables.

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