What Makes Vegan Laundry Detergent Better Than The Rest

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I will discuss a few of these choices in this article. When choosing a cleaner you want to make sure it is made with all natural ingredients. In this article I will share with you one of the best vegan products I have come across, which is Dr. Bronner’s Extra Dry Cleaner.

One of the best vegan cleaning products is Dr. Bronner’s Extra Dry Cleaner. This cleaner has all natural ingredients, which include the essential oils of peppermint and spearmint. It also contains tea tree oil and aloe vera. These ingredients not only help to clean the carpet, but they also leave a healthy shine on the floor.

Tea Tree Oil

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The product contains an ingredient called Tea Tree Oil. This essential oil is from Australia and was first used for treating skin conditions. It has been shown to be effective for treating fungal infections and relieving rashes. However, it is never tested on animals, so there are no animal products included in this product. Other vegan cleaning products have included coconut oils, which may be okay for the floor, but can still cause damage to the carpet if left on the same area for too long.

Many household cleaners contain animal ingredients such as bug sprays, dyes, or preservatives. Unfortunately, animal ingredients are often found in household products, even if they are listed as ‘vegan’. For example, milk cartons are often made with eggs, which makes the carton a potential allergen. If milk is listed as an ingredient on a carton, it should read ‘soy milk’. As stated before, never buy products that say they are made with organic or ‘vegan’ milk.

Never Tested On Animals

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Check the ingredients label of any detergent or soap you buy to ensure it does not include any ingredients that you or your family would be allergic to. Often, manufacturers will use words like ‘vegan’ or ‘detergent’ in their labels in order to increase their sales. Sadly, the majority of these products were never tested on animals, but simply put the ‘vegan’ or ‘detergent’ part in the name in order to gain more sales. You may have to look specifically for these types of ingredients if you cannot find them on the labels. Additionally, look for the words ‘hypoallergenic’. These indicate that the ingredients are tested on humans, and are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

A third option for fully vegan cleaning products is to purchase them in bulk, and use these to wash your car, dishes, clothes and other surfaces in your home. Since there are no ingredients to add to the water, and since these products do not contain any dye or bleaches, they are ideal for families with pets, children, or anyone with sensitive skin. Unfortunately, many of the zero-waste brands currently available do not meet these standards, so it may be necessary to purchase from a company that has signed the ‘Compact for Safe Cosmetics.’

Make Sure They Are Fully Non-Toxic

While purchasing any vegan detergent, stain removers, or other products, always check the labels to make sure they are fully non-toxic. Some popular names for these detergents are ‘Eblemium’, ‘Dobacco’, and ‘Eucerin’. Many companies use chemicals to create these popular brands, so it is critical that they are safe for you, your children, and your pets. The better cruelty-free cleaning products out there today meet all of these stringent requirements.

The easiest way to gauge whether a particular brand of cleaning products is truly cruelty-free is to look for the ‘Compact for Safe Cosmetics.’ If a product falls under this prestigious group, it will not use chemicals that are harmful to humans, animals, or the environment.


Additionally, the ingredients will be biodegradable, meaning they will enter the soil and decompose. As more people begin to move away from a conventional lifestyle and embrace a more eco-conscious approach, you can bet that these innovative companies will continue to rise in popularity and demand.

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