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Some many vegan facts and figures can help individuals make up their minds about being vegan. Not only do these Vegan facts and figures provide individuals with more information, but they also help those individuals have a strong foundation of knowledge. Vegans do not consume animal products. Instead, they meet their daily requirements by eating plant-based foods. Being Vegan can be very beneficial for health and one’s environment.

Vegans Are A Niche Group

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The number of Vegans in the US is growing dramatically. The number of Vegans has increased by about thirty percent in the past five years alone. Most Vegans are concerned about animal exploitation and the suffering caused to animals. Animal rights are the main focus of most Vegans. Some Vegan facts and figures include:

Vegetarian Growth Rate Continues To Grow At A Steady pace

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The number of Vegans has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades. In this year, the Vegan growth rate is expected to double in America alone. In the next five years, the vegan food market is expected to double in size.

The Number Of Vegans Who Eat Meat Or Eggs Will Grow

With a couple of years left to go, the forecast for Vegans is very positive. The number of Vegans who are vegetarian or vegan is dramatically increasing worldwide, particularly in America. By the end of this decade, there will be twice as many Vegans as meat-eaters. The number of Vegans is projected to double in America alone. This would make Vegans the fastest-growing religious group in America.

Vegans Are A Diverse Group Of People

Most Vegans are people who choose to live a plant-based diet and do not eat meat, fish, eggs, or honey. Vegans are also concerned about animal rights and do not use or want to use products from animals. These facts are helpful to know because of how these two groups will sometimes be mistaken for one another. Some Vegans are also very religious, but others are not.

In the next ten years, we can expect more Vegan Superfoods on the market. Some of the new superfoods to come out will probably be from plants, such as a sugar-free version of sugar. Other Vegan foods will be from herbs, such as herbs used in Vegan cooking and medicine. We can expect Vegan statistics on the floor of the World Health Organization within the next ten years. Vegans and vegetarians make up over a billion people throughout the world, so I think it is a good idea to start looking for Vegan facts and information twenty years from now.

Final Thoughts

Some of the Vegan Superfoods predicted to hit the market include hemp products, such as hemp clothing and hemp seeds, hemp milk, hemp seeds, and more. The cultivation of hemp created the first “plant-based” food in the 1970s in Colorado. Other new plant-based foods are being developed all the time. As the world becomes more aware of the dangers of overeating saturated fat and processed foods, the demand will likely grow for more healthy, fresh food options. Look for Vegan statistics on the floor of the UN in 2021.

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